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It is highly rewarding to reach this point in my career where my childhood dream becomes my reality.

I always liked studying, since early, and that made me reach a very desired objective: becoming a doctor! From Instituto Abel, Niterói’s symbolic school, passing through UFRJ to the residency with Professor Ivo Pitanguy, today I’m member of several International Societies of Plastic Surgery.

But it was not easy to get here, there were many mishaps in that trajectory. The early death of my 47 years old father in 1989 was a hard-hitting blow. Residency, long shifts in intensive therapy, an old passion, everything to maintain my recently formed family.

My profession is my life and my patients are the reason for my dedication. With more than 7.000 performed surgeries, in seamless hours of under pressure work. I always considered the human life to be precious.

Today I’m recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons in Rio and Niteroi, foreign patients come from all over the globe to undergo their surgeries with me. Now I see that all that experience was necessary to shape my way, and I feel safe to say that none of this would be possible without my dear wife Carla Mattos and our kids.

To me life is made of unity, and as the saying; unity makes strength, I couldn’t forget to thank my medical team, which were fundamental.





Seems like it was yesterday that together with my father, I saw my name in the list of approved students to attend to UFRJ. A desired dream, reached with a lot of dedication. Six intense years with a spectacular class, with many brilliant names of today’s Brazilian medicine. In 2017 this unforgettable class will be celebrating 30 years of graduation. Time sure does fly…


As a pre-requisite for plastic surgery, I had my Residency in General Surgery, after being approved in all the exams that I took in the Clementino Fraga Filho Hospital of UFRJ. Great teachers in one of the countries best Universities. An also unique experience in my time by the National Cancer Institute.


Backed up by my grand master in General Surgery, Professor Jaime Marsillac, approved in the residents selection, I was part of the 31ª class under Professor’s Ivo Pitanguy teach. Learning Plastic Surgery with him was a dream come true. This interaction was my biggest life experience. Great friendships were formed in that class.


I had a hard career start with the early loss of my father. Recently married and with a 2 year old son I faced long and striving shifts in the UTI, hence my disbelief in early specialization. In everything that I’ve learned and in the greater part of what I’m, many doctors inspired and helped me along the way, I simply can’t name them all, but they have my eternal gratitude.

2018 – TODAY

After so many years surrounded by a high level team, we dedicate ourselves to provide the best medicine possible, with human heat. Happy and with doubled inspiration after 30 years of practice I couldn’t forget to thank my amazing staff.


Here are the people who are going to provide you attendance and care.

Ana Lins Martins

Ana Lins Martins

Surgical instrumentalist

Always with a smile on her face, she’ll take care of you during and after the surgery.
Leila Knosel Pessanha

Leila Knosel Pessanha


She has been my secretary for the last 18 years. Always at the patients disposal, she is efficiency itself.
Carlos Alberto Dias

Carlos Alberto Dias


Carlos Dias, head anesthesiologist of the group.
Rafael Mattos

Rafael Mattos


Anesthesiologist of my team.
Camila Oliveira

Camila Oliveira


She will help in your recovery process. Specialist in after surgery care.
Renata Hort Chiafrino

Renata Hort Chiafrino


Composes the staff with enormous dedication and efficiency.


Trustful statements from some of our dear patients.

I would like to thank André Mattos and his team for their professional competence, and the lovely way they treated me. I went under surgery due to a motorcycle accident, where I needed a serious correction which ended up perfectly. A wonderful experience from the first appointment to the post-operatory. Suzana De Paula

I met André Mattos in the most difficult moment of my life, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, 14 years ago. The professionalism, ethics and mostly importantly, the humane way that he treated me with made my recovery to workout amazingly well. I wanted a doctor and ended up with a friend, if not for him everything would’ve been even more problematic. I’m grateful to you for the rest of my life, thanks. Ana Gurgel

Teacher and Entepreneur

One year since I started my new life I come here to thank that amazing surgeon and human being. Although I entered his clinic with a mind full of doubts I left with one certainty: he was the right professional, the one I would trust my life to. With Dr. André Mattos I had a abdominoplasty, breast surgery and a liposuction in sequence. Today I can only thank him for all the attention and perfectionism that were present during every procedure. Roberta Isola

Congratulations for your excellence at work, André Mattos M.D.. You inspire safety on your patients, your knowledge and talent result on plain satisfaction. You and your team made me forget about all the other surgeons I entered in contact with. Thank your for making me an even happier woman. Ana Gibeiro


Its been 1 year since my abdominoplasty. Today I feel satisfied with the results. Nothing but a perfect work. I can only thank you and your team, André Mattos for all the professionalism and care. May you continue to make dreams come true with your blessed hands! Renata Freitas

I would like to congratulate André Mattos M.D. for being so gentle, polite, and for not only thinking about the profit, but caring mostly about the final results and my satisfaction. A true honest professional. And I can’t talk about professionalism without mentioning his team, by them I was treated with expertise and love, always with a smile on their faces to make me feel confident and safe. Recommended with eyes shut. Cristina Andrade

André Mattos is one of those professionals that make us proud of the money we spent. Professional, ethical, brilliant, dedicated to his patients and above everything else: compromised with the truth. He will refuse to perform any surgery if it wont bring the patient the desired results. I consider sincerity to be his trademark. Patricia Resende

Tribunal De Contas Do Estado

When I went to the first appointment, after being examined and hearing André Mattos’s suggestions, my response was immediate: “print the requests!”. I emphasise that he wasn’t the first doctor I met, however he was the only one that made me feel confident about what I wanted and the results speak for themselves. It may sound like a cliché but I couldn’t have done a better decision in my life. You have my eternal gratitude! Marília Martinez Lima

I always dreamed with a breast implant. I decided to give it to myself in my 40s. I had consulted many doctors before being advised by André Mattos M.D. Since the first appointment he conveyed only confidence and safety on me. I was so amazed that I decided to have a liposuction as well. Success! His team is also amazing at what they do, professionals and considerate with their patients. Familiars and friends that followed my recommendation also ended up happy and satisfied with the procedures. Thank you very much, Dr. André and team. Eliane Chantre


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Abdomen – abdominoplasty
Abdomen – in anchor
Abdomen – miniabdominoplasty
Abdomen – ex-obese
Abdomen – lipoabdominoplasty
Abdomen – liposuction
Arm – ex-obese
Arm – lifting
Arm – liposuction
Arm – plastic surgery
Plastic surgery for ex-obese

Body– liposculpture
Thigh– ex-obese
Thigh – lifting
Thigh – liposuction
Cullote – liposuction
Scars– correction
Face – lifiting of the inferior area
Face – lifiting of the middle third
Face – minilifting
Face – plastic
Gluteal – liposuction

Gluteal – lipograft
Gluteal – prosthesis
Breast– areolal implant
Breast - submamal implant
Breast – narrow mammoplasty
Breast – mastopexy (suspension)
Breast – suspension with implant
Nose - open rhinoplasty
Nose – closed rhinoplasty
Ninfoplasty – Intimate Surgery
Ears – otoplasty

Eyelids – inferior (external)
Eyelids – inferior (internal)
Eyelids – superior
Calves – prosthesis
Chest – ginecomasty
Neck – liposuction
Neck – lifting
Chin – prosthesis
Forehead – lifting


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