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Know more about Face-lifting

When we look at a face, we can clearly see the signs of aging that can be difficult to hide, such as wrinkles, furrowed ridges of folded skin, sagging and leftover skin that form wrinkles and excess fat, which form skin jowls and bags.

Facial rejuvenation, also known as a face-lift or rhytidectomy, can be a good ally to alleviate and even remove facial expression marks, by repositioning muscle, providing the most natural results possible.

The face-lift can operate on different segments of the face, such as raising the outer corner of the eyebrow, suspending the cheek region, stretching the neck skin, reducing the jowls and double chin and reducing the furrows beside the mouth and around the lips. Finally, we can raise the skin by lifting the look of the face as a whole, in a harmonious way to leave the face looking naturally younger, healthy and rested.


A face-lift or rhytidectomy helps to rejuvenate the face and soften expression lines. This can improve self-esteem.


Both general or local anesthesia are used in facial plastic surgery. Depending on your case, we will suggest the most convenient for use. The end results will be the same.

How will the scars look? Will they disappear?

The face-lift is done to improve the appearance of sagging skin, wrinkles, furrows, etc., thereby rejuvenating the face. The scars, however, are permanent, while becoming less visible over time. Until this occurs, resources like cosmetic makeup and hairstyles are perfectly suitable disguises for the inconvenience created by the recent scars. In addition, each patient’s development of scars behaves differently from others, which may in certain cases become virtually unnoticeable. Despite this advance warning, many patients often forget the details that are provided during the initial consultation. They worry about the presence of scars during the immediate and mediate postoperative period. Pruritus (itching), burning or numbness may eventually occur on the scars. This will be temporary and tends to disappear.

Surgical time

A facial and forehead focused face-lift lasts around 120 minutes. A face-lift focused on the eyelids can last 60 minutes. As a surgical procedure, there is no absolute importance of time, because some cases may require more time spent on certain areas of surgery than others.

Length of hospital stay

Part time for surgeries performed under local anesthesia. 24 hours for those performed under general anesthesia.

Recovery time

The patient can resume their daily activities 12 to 15 days after the face-lift, provided they avoid sun exposure. Light physical activity, like walking, is allowed after 15 days. Heavy exercises like weight lifting and running after 30 days.

Final results

The end result of the face-lift can be seen in three months. However, after 30 days you can already get an idea of the result.


Patients should sleep on their backs, avoid making sudden movements with their head, are encouraged not to speak too much and to not touch the operated areas. It is also recommended to eat foods that are easy to chew and that do not force the operated regions. Avoid sunbathing for 15 days or while with bruises.

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