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Furrows and deep wrinkles that arise are signals of the passage of time and can be treated with fillings. The product used is chosen by the patient and doctor on a case by case basis. Fill substances such as hyaluronic acid, Radiesse ® and Sculptra ® can be used. All are absorbable and do no harm to the body.

These substances can also be used to increase the projection of the lips and chin to improve the contour of the jaw and also increase the projection of the cheekbones. These procedures are highly sought after by patients who do not wish to undergo plastic surgery because there is no need or because they do not have time for a big procedure. A big advantage is the convenience and rapid recovery from fills.

Anesthetic ointment is used during the application, allowing the patient to return to work immediately. Arguably, the most used filler is hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in our body that hydrates and adds volume to the skin. As we age, we suffer a considerable drop in production ofhyaluronic acid. The fills done with hyaluronic acid are completed in one session and the results last for about 6 months.

Radiesse ®, which recently arrived in Brazil, has been used successfully in the United States as an injectable filler that is biocompatible and re-absorbable. It contains calcium hydroxyapatite (Caha), a substance that is present in our body. Radiesse ® is considered a deeper fill and could be done in a single session with lasting results greater than hyaluronic acid, about 1 year.

Sculptra ®, the trade name of poly-L-lactic, is also a biocompatible and re-absorbable filler, yet it is more expensive, but with a longer duration of results. Used to fill volume deficit and recover the loss of facial volume, Sculptra ® should be applied in three sessions over an interval of one month. The results show a duration of 2 years.


The patient returns to the activities the next day. If you get bruises, you should avoid the sun for a week and use sunscreen.

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