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Buttock Implants

Know more about Buttock Implants

The gym is still the most efficient, natural and durable resource for providing beautiful contours for the body. However, there are women that fail to achieve the desired volume of the buttocks, even with exercise, due to unforeseen factors. Some wish to have their buttocks bigger, even after having already achieved a considerable increase in size. These are some of the reasons that many women seek out plastic surgery of the buttocks or gluteoplasty.

The gluteal prostheses come in varied shapes and volumes. The implant is inserted through an incision in the furrow between the buttocks and the coccyx and placed under the gluteus maximus muscle in order to protect it.


Increased volume in the gluteal region.



Local incision and scar

The incision is made between the two buttocks, hiding the scar completely.

Where is the prosthesis placed?

The prosthesis is placed in the middle of the gluteal muscle called the gluteus maximus, thereby maintaining the same amount of muscle in front and behind, which can mask the presence of a prosthesis.

Surgical time

About one hour.

Length of hospital stay

The patient is discharged from the hospital in about 1 to 2 days. They are allowed to travel by car or plane.

Recovery time

Most patients can return to work in about 10 days after a gluteoplasty. They can resume driving cars and working only when great physical effort is not required. Light physical activity is released after three weeks. You should avoid sun exposure for 15 days or when there is still bruising. Heavier exercise can only be resumed after 40 days. After this period, gymnastics and gluteus exercises are allowed.

Final result

The final results from the buttocks implant can be seen after a month.


– Take very good hygienic care of the scar;

– The patient can carefully sit on the prosthesis the next day;

– If you prefer not to sit, lie down on your stomach;

– Sleep on your stomach.

Learn more about Buttock Implants

Every woman is searching for the perfect butt; perky, rounded and firm. When the option to perform a gluteoplasty is decided upon, be sure to be well informed and to listen to the plastic surgeon about the procedure. Be sure to have a frank conversation and listen to all the pros and cons involved with the surgery.

A gluteoplasty, like any other specialty surgery, aims to provide self-esteem and well-being to those who desire a miraculous change.

There are two procedures for increasing the buttocks, liposculpture or fat grafting and silicon prosthesis implant. Every candidate for a gluteal augmentation surgery should look for a plastic surgeon to perform an evaluation of your individual case and discuss what is the best way to achieve the desired result. This is because your body type is unique and every anatomical aspect present in the gluteal region, like the degree of sagging and the degree of volume needed, will influence the choice of the most appropriate procedure to undergo. Like everything in life there are also the limitations to consider.

The advantage of the gluteal prosthesis with liposculpture or fat grafting is the ability to provide more volume to the region and have a long lasting result. However, the increase produced by the procedure is limited to the upper part of the buttocks, just above the line of pressure while sitting in a chair.

If there is laxity associated with reducing the buttocks volume, skin folds in the creases together with sagging skin on the thighs, the surgeon may need to remove some skin in order to improve the outcome of the gluteoplasty. There are also cases where liposculpture in the outer thighs or hips as well as the inner thighs could be associated with the buttock implant procedure for good cosmetic results. All this must be carefully evaluated and discussed with the patient by the surgeon.

Liposculpture has the disadvantage of absorbing fat in the infiltrated region over time. So it is more suitable when you need to fill small areas of depression (lateral glutes, depressions left by boils injections, trauma, etc.), or to give a small increase of projection in the butt. Some patients who are young and very skinny lack the ability to infiltrate fat into the buttock region in order to increase the buttocks size. These patients would be more suitable candidates for buttock silicone implant placement.

The gluteal prosthesis is made of a silicone gel with strong cohesiveness that is thicker and tougher than breast implants. Therefore, they only need to be swapped out after 20 years of use.

By occupying a large area of muscular movement and pressure, the gluteal silicone prosthesis presents little risk of contracture when located beneath the muscle.

The desire to have a harmonious body is perfectly healthy, but always associated with balance and common sense.

What happens the next day?

The patient can sit, walk and take showers. There may be some discomfort or slight pain, which can be easily remedied by appropriate analgesics.


Drainage is necessary for the first 48 hours to prevent the accumulation of fluid in the incision.


The patient should stay on their side for 7-10 days, thus avoiding direct pressure on the prosthesis.

First week postoperative

After returning home, the patient should rest quite a bit during the first week. You do not need to be restricted to the bed and can walk and even sit still with a little discomfort. Most patients may make small trips, going out to dinner, ect., after the fifth and sixth day.

Length of the prostheses durability

The prostheses manufactured in the 80’s lasted between 10 to 15 years. The prostheses manufactured today have a durability expectancy of about 20 years or more.

While sitting

Honestly, patients basically do not sit directly on the prosthesis, since it is located in the upper 2/3 of the buttocks. The body weight, when seated, is concentrated in the lower 3rd portion of the buttocks. After a month, there are no restrictions to sit.

Long term care

The buttock prostheses does not require any long term care. Monitoring the condition of the prostheses can be done through a simple ultrasound evaluation, a fairly inexpensive test, performed in most cities of the country.

Interference in personal life

There is no physical restriction after recovery, which lasts for about two months. Gymnastics of any kind, and any sports activities are allowed after two months, including skiing, riding horses, sports, and even those exercises where falling is expected.

Gluteus Injections

Intramuscular injections are discouraged if you have a gluteal prosthesis. It is important to remember that there is no injection that should be given to the patient in an unconscious state upon arrival to an emergency room. All types of injections for patients with gluteal prosthesis should be intravenous.

Natural looking results

The results are very natural. It is very difficult to palpate or even perceive the prosthesis.

Existing types of prostheses

Flat prosthesis should be used, which can be round or oval. Round prosthesis project a more round and oval shaped butt, used to model and fill the area. The size of the prostheses range from 180 to 350ml.

Possible association with other surgeries

No operation performed on the front of the body should be done in conjunction with the gluteal prosthesis except a small liposuction. Breast lifting or abdominoplasty are contraindicated. You can associate buttock lift surgery, liposuction, treatment of gluteal retractions or even fat grafting to help finalize the modeling.

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